By Fran Houston

I first conceived of the idea of For the Love of Peaks when encountering the rich history of Peaks Island and hearing the stories of the old timers.  Each conversation both gave me a glimpse of that person, deepened my love and connection to Peaks, and got me asking, why do we live on an Island? And why Peaks Island?  I began to wonder how I could share these glimpses.  It wasn’t until I saw Jerry Robinov’s Faces of the Mind exhibit – photographs with accompanying self-written stories – that I knew what I would do.  I would interview.  I was on fire.  I asked the Gem Gallery on Peaks if I could exhibit in June 2008.  I asked the Island Times if I could publish the stories and photographs.  So For the Love of Peaks was born.  When the exhibit happened, everyone asked when the book was coming out, so here I am.

For the Love of Peaks is my way of giving back to a community that has gently supported me.

Finding a way to communicate the essence of the individual within a complementary backdrop is my ongoing search.  I find the marriage of image with written word to be one worth pursuing, as it seems to pluck a string on our hearts and resonates with our own vulnerabilities.  The stories told connect us with our own lives.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every ‘Lovie’ as I call them.  To be welcomed into your homes and hear your stories and memories and to be trusted with your words has been a joy and reward.  Thank you.