Thank you so much for all your comments, I love reading them!

Fran Houston

20 comments on “Comments”

  1. Thanks, Fran, for publishing these stories. I learned a lot and enjoyed every one.
    Best to you –

  2. Great to hear these remeniscences. Intimate personal history in the making.Great job.

  3. A sensitive collection of portraits and essays that gives the reader a glimpse of why Peaks has captured the hearts of so many.

  4. Great work, Fran – Thanks for sharing such wonderful stories of these great Peaks Island characters! Chris

  5. Take a slice of Peaks home with you and cure your Peaks Island Withdrawal Blues.

    I loved the memories of growing up Peaks. Especially: rowing to the movie theatre in the moonlight, rescuing doomed dinner lobsters, and gazing at Portland while thinking that’s the real world over there and I’m over here. Been there, done that. The photo portraits of these free-range islanders are magical; their Cheshire Cat smiles suggest lives well-lived and hints of really good stories not fit for print. I even found a long lost relative in it!

  6. Fran: I was thrilled to participate in your project and can’t wait to hold a copy of your book in my hands. Your article is the first thing I look for when the Island Times arrives in my mailbox. How great that you are already on your second printing.

  7. It took a great eye and a great ear and a fantastic organizer to put this book together and Fran is the person who could do it! Congratulations!

  8. Like a musician who lets the music speak for itself, Fran has done a masterful job of bringing the voices of Peaks Island’s seniors to the public ear and letting them sing. The accompanying photographs superbly capture each individual face and life. Although For the Love of Peaks has to do with people on a small island off the coast of Maine, the book represents a larger time and place, in which the qualities of inventiveness, generosity and good humor prevail. What shines in the pages of this book helps us to understand what we may lose if we don’t take the time to learn from the people we’re still lucky enough to have among us.

  9. A lovely lovely glimpse into a Maine island community around the turn of the 21st century. What a treasure ~ ah for the love of peeks !

  10. Your portraits are wonderful both visual and verbal. As the world and Peaks continue to evolve having you capture these moments is a gift to all of us.

  11. Life keeps changing here on our beloved island but this book captures the eternal changlessness…all that is good and true and beautiful about our island community. May future posterity realize the blessings this island bestows on those of us fortunate enough to experience living here…a paradise containing profound nurture for the heart and soul. I fell in love all over again. Thankyou, Frannie! What a gift you have given us all!

  12. Wonderful narratives and photos, Fran. Thank you for this treasure. It seems you have found your calling (one of them)- I look forward to experiencing more of your creativity.

  13. This book is a treasure. The photographs are stunning and engaging, and the stories are fascinating. What a gift to let these people’s voices be heard!

  14. books have been dropped off to the seasonal sites.. fifth maine regiment museum, downfront shop, gem gallery.. peaks island summertime begins!..

  15. Hello Fran,

    it was so nice meeting you today at this little Café in the city of Bremen. You sure remember – “onionsoup” 😉

    I enjoyed the chat we had and truly hope your night at the Theatre was joyful and didn’t end up by leaving the aisle seats early 🙂

    I wish you a very nice, relaxing and harmoneous continued trip through europe. And may everything turn out the way you wish once back in Maine.

    It was great getting to know you, all the best to you and your fellows!

    I hug you,

  16. Hello Fran

    I’m trying to track down a U.S. fisherman, possibly lobster, named Art Goelman. Some web searches suggested his family may be from Peaks Island. I found one of his fishing floats washed up on a beach in Cornwall, U.K. and I was interested to find out a little about it, especially how long it may have bee in the water. Do you know an Art Goelman? Is there a way of me spreading the word in Peaks? Any help appreciated.

    Thanks for your time,
    Paul Cooke

  17. That’s great news, thank you so much Fran. i’m at

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